Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Achmed (VICTORIOUS, HAPPY): Great job! Ped Zeng will be pleased.
Player Craft & Armament:
Barracuda-class speedboat: chain guns
Friendly Craft & Armament:
Pike-class speedboat: auto cannon & rockets
Enemy Craft & Armament:
Minnow-class sampans: unarmed
Piranha-class sampans: chain guns
Special Features:
Design Notes:
This is the first mission and must include rudimentary instructions for the radar, turbo and
primary weapons. Issues:
Need messages for turbo.
Messaging steps on it self and needs to be lessened.
Wor ld: Ar chipe l ago C.WLD
Where: Jade Kingdom territory
Terrain: Suei Pu Bay
Atmosphere: Gray
Sky Body: Sun
Weathe r : Cl ear
Base Atmospheric Conditions
Wind Velocity / Direction: 10 knots, 10 degrees
Rain / Lightning Density: 0 / 0
Fog: White, 50-500m
Timed Atmospheric Conditions
Delay: 3 minutes
Wind Velocity / Direction: 20 knots, 20 degrees
Wave Height / Suppression: 6 /1
Rain / Lightning Density: 0 / 0
Fog: White, 100-1000m
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