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Appendix for Chapter 9
David Wessman
C.1 Blood Wake Samples
Fish in a Barrel Mission Design
Filename: Mission 01.mis
Title of mission & Act #: Fish in a Barrel (Act 1, Mission 1, Always)
Type : Raid
Summary: Attacking a small port that houses a variety of armed and unarmed sampans.
Context: Introduces player to the forces of the Jade Kingdom, the main enemy of the first
part of the story, and puts the player in a pirate position story wise.
Objective(s): Sink all Jade Kingdom sampans in the bay of Suei Pu island.
Captain Difficulty Sequence of Play:
You drive a Barracuda-class speedboat and are accompanied by Gamal. You enter the bay
of a Jade Kingdom island from the northwest, led by Gamal the Knife. Gamal leads you in
then runs away, leaving the player to fend for themselves. Along the shore are three sets of
docked / anchored sampans (some are unmanned.) Buildings on shore and fuel dumps may
also be targeted and used to cause extra damage to the unmanned sampans.
Three swordfish class sampans are mixed in with the docked boats and come out of hid-
ing to attack the player when the player gets within a set range of them. After three of the
unmanned sampans are sunk, a piranha (med and hard only) and a swordfish class sampan set
come in to attack the player. Once six of the unmanned sampans are sunk, five more piranha
class sampans come in.
Ensign Difficulty Changes: Less one piranha in the incoming boats.
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