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Appendix for Chapter 1
Steve Danuser and Tracy A. Seamster
Here's a blurb from the style guide for Echoes of Faydwer ,thethirdexpansionfor EverQuest II .
Writing Style Guide for Echoes of Faydwer
Please keep the following guidelines in mind when writing any text that the players will be
exposed to in this expansion, especially when it comes to NPC dialogue. Adhering to the
same writing and spelling guidelines helps ensure a more consistent world for our players.
Proper Names
The Greater Faydark, The Lesser Faydark —The residents of Faydwer would always
use “the” when referring to their great forests. They see these forests as living entities,
and always refer to them with respect.
The Faydark —A more general term that refers to the sum of the forests on Faydwer.
Still used with respect.
The Fae —The racial name of the Fae. Please do not use “Fay” to refer to this race.
“Fay” can be used as a generic term to refer to magical races, but all references to the
new Exp03 race should use “Fae.”
Ak'Anon, Klak'Anon —Note the capitalization of the second “a.”
The following is a spreadsheet showing some of the racial voiceover barks/call outs for
EverQuest II . These are what gnomes say when they run into other characters, so the Token
field denotes to what other race a gnome would make the Script comment.
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