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in the IF Competition, and there is at least one company, Textfyre, that is aiming,
at the time of this writing, to bring commercial IF to the market once more. (Full
disclosure: I've been doing some work for them.) It does seem to be the trend that
IF is being rediscovered right now. Companies are finding excuses to publish IF
games as fun promotional extras, and there might be more of that in the next few
years. Casual game sites are becoming interested in promoting new and interesting
IF games to a growing audience.
On the whole, though, IF is still largely in the hands of amateurs in the original
meaning of people who do it out of the love of it. You might look at it as an op-
portunity, a creative outlet for ideas that you weren't able to successfully pitch to a
company but that you were sure would make a great game. People can play IF on
iPhones now, so there's no shortage of potential players.
Why write interactive fiction? Because you can! You can, right now, write IF.
What do you, the writer, want to do next?
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