Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
When a project is in the offing, it makes sense to focus this research on the target
platforms for the game under development, and the writer should ask the producer
for a list of them. By being aware of the differences and restrictions, the writer can
discuss them intelligently with the developers and find out what the options and
technical limits are.
It is a mistake to assume that writing must be based on the minimum spec for the
simplest, cheapest phone on the list; the writer should be ready to discuss options for
adding value to the game on higher-spec phones. Ideas won't always be accepted, but
the word will get around that here is a writer who knows something about mobile
phones, and that can lead to more work.
18.6 Web Resources
This list is not meant to be exhaustive but should provide enough information for
basic research.
Manufacturers' sites include specifications for their mobile phones.
Motorola :
Samsung :
Sony Ericsson:
Service Providers
Typing “games” in the search box at most provider sites will give a link to a list of
available games.
AT& T:
Sprint Nextel:
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