Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Writers Cabal looked up animal rescue stories as well as specifics on animal diseases
to supplement the veterinary notes provided by Legacy Interactive.
Example Veterinary Notes Provided for Pet Pals: New Leash on Life
Metabolic Bone Disorder is caused by a calcium deficiency. This can be caused by the iguana
not getting enough dietary calcium or by factors that cause the iguana to lose the ability to use
the calcium that it eats. When the body does not get enough calcium, it takes calcium from the
bones causing them to become thin, soft and easy to break. In advanced stages, fibrous tissue will
become deposited in weaker bone areas causing deformations. It is important to make sure that
an iguana has sufficient UV light, heat and the right balance of dietary calcium and phosphorus
to prevent this debilitating disorder.
Dialogue from Pet Pals: New Leash on Life Based on Veterinary Notes
Head Vet: Princess contracted a Metabolic Bone Disorder due to a calcium deficiency. Most
likely, her illegal breeder didn't feed her enough dietary calcium, so her body took calcium from
her bones, making them thin, soft and easy to break. Her bones could have become deformed
and she might have died from malnutrition. An iguana needs sufficient UV light and heat as well
as the right balance of dietary calcium and phosphorus to thrive. The calcium and fluids you gave
her set her on the right path.
As can be seen from the examples in the boxes, translating facts into dialogue
can be quite straightforward. With storylines, the process is more complex due to
adherence to learning objectives. The following case study illuminates some of the
15.4 Case Study: Physics Adventures in Space-Time ( PAST )
Founded by Dr. Ricardo Rademacher, Futur-E-Scape's goal is to further science edu-
cation by combining pedagogy with a massively mulitplayer online role-playing game
(MMORPG) so that players can experience science firsthand in the virtual world. An
avid MMO gamer and physics professor, Dr. Rademacher quickly realized that many
physics assignments could be mapped directly to activities in MMORPGs. A group
lab assignment could translate into a quest fulfilled by a party. A multiple-choice
question could also be incorporated into a quest. Furthermore, a student's avatar
could show visible signs of achievement through different clothing and items. In-
trigued by this idea, Dr. Rademacher soon obtained government grants so that he
could start building the PAST game world.
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