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Figure 13.5. Flowchart representing a hybrid method you can use to sequence your game.
13.5 Elements That May Increase the Complexity of Your
Sandbox Story
Dialogue Systems
Often, in a populated sandbox environment, players will have the desire to interact
with the NPCs that surround them. Other than killing or molesting them, the
next thing they'll want to do might be to actually speak to them. If this dialogue
has choices within it, this presents a new level of complexity to your work. Not
only do you have to write the script for your main story, but you'll also have to
determine which characters the player can actually speak to, and if so, you'll also have
to create “dialogue trees” for each case. This means you'll have to create different sets
of options within the dialogue, and different responses for each choice given. Players
will want their choices to actually make a difference, so you'll have to think pretty
hard on this, and you'll also have to have a good way of keeping track of all this.
Despite the effort, I think the rewards are worth it for the player. Just make sure
to study the audience your game is meant for—trigger-happy players, for example,
don't like to listen to too much dialogue.
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