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If the dialogue is not thoroughly tested and fixed before the actors enter the
studio, the likelihood is that bugs or mistakes will be found later that could turn
out to be very costly if actors have to return to the studio later. Publishers, as
well as the console manufacturers, test the game very thoroughly when it is
nearing completion, so even if there are suspect lines that you might be
hoping to squeeze through, the expert testers will find it and fail the version.
A final note
Although my intention in this chapter is not to teach you how to write dia-
logue but how dialogue should be approached in relation to developing a
game, one thing must be borne in mind at all times. Dialogue is meant to be
No matter how good it looks on the page or the computer screen, if it
sounds clumsy when read out loud it is not going to work in the game. Get
into the habit of reading your scenes out loud and acting them out if possible.
Not only is it a very useful way of catching problems, it is also a great deal
of fun. Because I work from an office in my home while my partner is at
work, I am sure that my next door neighbours must wonder what is
happening when I appear to be having dramatic arguments with myself.
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