Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Scheduling and the setting of target milestones is a key aspect of developing
a game that will be delivered on time and within budget. The lead designer
will work with the project manager to define the tasks and workload for the
design and story side of the project, part of which is dependent on your
estimates for the work you will be undertaking.The estimates you give must
be as accurate as possible and you must deliver when you say you will. Not
doing so can lead to serious delays in the whole project if what you are due
to deliver is something that others rely upon. For instance, if the concept
artist cannot work on the characters because you've failed to deliver the
character profiles, her work is pushed back, which in turn affects the
character modeller as he was waiting for the concept work.
Prompt delivery of quality work will not only ensure that you keep the
design team (and others) happy, it is much more likely to encourage the
studio to call on your services again.
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