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the writer approaches the work for a game. If there is no plan to incorporate
a mechanic for interactive dialogue, any scenes in which the characters speak
will simply play out in a straightforward manner as cut-scenes, though there
may be the need for some subtle variations if the order of play means that
what the player has done at that point is not fixed.The opposite side of that
is if an interactive dialogue interface is an active part of the gameplay the
writer must create the scenes so they can accommodate the player choosing
to work through the scene by talking about various subjects in any order. If
care is not taken in how these scenes are constructed the characters can come
across as stupid, which undermines all of the other hard work you have put
into the writing.
The setting
The setting for the game is very important, particularly when working with
an original intellectual property (IP). How do you create a compelling
universe for the game?
Much of this will depend on the type of IP you want to create.You cannot
apply the same criteria to a comedy cartoon platform game as to a dark first
person shooter or a fantasy role-playing game. The idea of a compelling
universe has very different meanings. Sonic the Hedgehog is an excellent IP, but
would you ever think of the Sonic universe as compelling in the way that
you would that of Half-Life?
The key to creating a compelling universe is to ensure that it embodies
the style of the game and that the characters, locations and gameplay all sit
well within it and complement one another. If the story is layered onto the
game in a superficial way, the game's universe will be superficial, too. That
could be part of the charm, of course, with a slapstick game requiring a
superficial setting to help the mood.
Therefore, you need to look hard at the type of game IP you are creating
and build the detail accordingly. Consistency of detail is important, too, so do
not throw anything into the mix that is out of place.Working with the design
team on these matters is important to ensure the consistency.
The working relationship
When working with the design team in general and the lead designer in
particular, part of the process should be in defining how the relationship will
work, what is to be expected of you and which information and data you
will need to be able to fulfil your task. Reasonably free access to the lead
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