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common, with the visuals ranging from realistic-looking figures and vehicles
to 2D maps that consist of square or hexagonal grids.
Tu rn based strategy games are those in which each player has an oppor-
tunity to move, deploy resources, etc., and then waits until the other player
(or the game itself) has taken a turn. Thoughtful play is the key element of
this style of game.
Real time strategy titles are those in which the play continues regardless
of the input of the player, who must make moves and react to the oppo-
sition's moves as a continual and ongoing series of situations take place on
the playing field. At the same time as establishing supply lines to his troops, a
player could also find that an assault by the opponent's troops must be dealt
In both of the above styles of strategy game, the player effectively takes on
the role of a general who guides his game pieces from afar. However, there is
also a type of strategy game where the player is part of the action.The action
strategy game can be a game where the player is in among the action in some
way and directing troops towards clear objectives through the use of specific
orders, often directed at individual units.
Writers could have a strong role to play during development, particularly
if the strategy game has an ongoing campaign element that is tied together
with a loose story. For the games based on historical battles, researching
background information and presenting it as an integral part of under-
standing the game world could be an excellent way to add richness to the
Other games
There are many other games that probably do not fit into these genres and I
realise that I run the risk of missing out something that you particularly enjoy
playing, but I hope I have shown enough detail without detracting from the
real purpose of the topic.
Though there are many opportunities for writers in the games industry,
there are far more games or game styles that have limited or no need for a
writer than there are those that do.The scope and scale of the industry, that
this chapter is intended to show, should be appreciated by any writer
interested in the medium.
All writers have their own tastes and preferences and the best advice I can
probably give is to play games, learn what appeals to you and which of the
genres look like giving you the best opportunities to use your skills.
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