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the club through a season in an attempt to get as high up the table as possible.
Buying and selling of players, managing budgets and revenues all come into
the mix and the results of matches are based upon the managerial decisions
made, rather than any direct interaction on the part of the player.
Because of the open-ended nature of the genre, the opportunities for the
writer are variable. While there will be a need in many for a writer to be
involved, much of this work is likely to be fairly generic with little or no
chance for clear character development or specific stories to be told.The best
opportunities are likely to arise if you are a particular devotee of this type of
game and are able to bring your skills to bear in a unique way.
This genre includes a vast array of sports types and can include anything from
boxing to baseball, from football to American football, and from swimming
to surfing. Looking at all the individual sports would take up a chapter on its
own, but some of the titles in this genre are regularly amongst the best-selling
each year, such is our fascination for sport in general.There are players who
only buy a games console to play sports games and sometimes only to play
those in a specific sport like football.
Generally, the games attempt to represent the sports as accurately as pos-
sible while at the same time ensuring they are fun to play.The player will take
the part of one of the individuals or teams and is directly involved in the
action of running, kicking or scoring. In team sports, the avatar who the
player controls will switch from one to another so that the play stays with or
near the ball, say.
Writers could have the opportunity to become involved with the creation
of the background information that many of the games include, but it is
probably worth pointing out that a clear understanding and interest in the
sport in question is likely to help enormously.
The strategy genre is a collection of game types that involve a high degree
of thinking and planning, the movement of pieces on the playing field and
often require the management of resources in some way.The game can be an
abstraction, like chess, where the properties and abilities of the pieces are
stylised to a high degree, or it can display a highly-detailed representation of
historical battles or campaigns on the screen.
The style of representation can vary and the use of both 2D and 3D is
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