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Like the other genres, there are plenty of sub-genres that can offer very
different experiences from one another. Generally speaking, though, the
gameplay is of a cerebral nature, rather than demanding high reflexes and
dexterity, though many include the need to react quickly to adverse situations
that occur in order to avert disaster. Gameplay can be quite open-ended in
many instances and often success is not measured by achieving specific goals
but how well the player has done on the road to a more general goal. Success
may not even be a factor at all, particularly where some flight sims are con-
cerned, for instance, and it is the experience that counts more than anything.
Flight sims are designed with the intention of giving the player as genuine
a feeling as possible of what it is like to fly a real aircraft.The range of aircraft
is quite extensive; the game screen is a representation of the cockpit with
instrument panels that change and respond to the simulated world. Flight
sims commonly use real world terrain and representations of existing airports
at which to take off and land.
World building sims are those which allow the player to build a world
from scratch, based on the premise of the game's rule set. Laying out the
world and populating it will mean that it will develop in a certain way and
it is up to the player to manage this growth in a successful way. Because the
player has a high level of influence on the world and its population, these
games can also be known as 'god sims'.
In life development sims the player controls the life development of single
individuals. These can be human representations (where the player guides
them from birth to death, say), alien creatures or domestic pets, which must
be fed and exercised like a real pet.The game often gives the opportunity to
teach them tricks or other fun activities.
Business sims offer the opportunity to take on some kind of high-powered
role where the player can play the stock market without any real world risk
or build a large business empire, which could be based on anything from
railroads to theme parks.
Vehicle combat sims are very different from those games which are classed
as vehicle shooting games. In the combat sims, the emphasis is on a realistic
representation of how the vehicles move and engage one another. These
types of games include flight combat, ground vehicle combat (such as tanks)
and even naval battle combat, which can be based on vessels from thousands
of years of history.
The sports management sim puts the player into the role of the manager
of a sports club - football or cricket, say - and the task is generally to guide
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