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create the world and all the necessary background information is a monu-
mental task and often involves a team of writers to ensure that all aspects are
covered. Even after a game is released, there is a need to create ongoing
content (content created to keep the game world alive) so that the world is
able to offer something on a continual basis to those players who maintain
the development of their avatars. New objectives and gameplay scenarios
must be delivered regularly if the MMO is to be successful.
Although the pure puzzle game is not, generally speaking, so popular in the
normal retail market place, there is a huge demand for puzzle games amongst
those players who like to download games they can dip into as a brief
Puzzle games are generally geared towards using your mind, though many
have time limits and speed bonuses so that a certain level of skilful dexterity
is also required to progress through the game or to get high scores. Some
titles are often described as action puzzle games because they involve the
manipulation of moving objects on the game screen within a short space of
time.The classic Tetris is a prime example of this.
Most straightforward puzzle games occupy the player in some kind of
colour-, shape- or pattern-matching that gives the player points, which, as
they build up, moves them towards the next level in the game. Many of these
games can be highly addictive as the players strive to better their last score or
get further into the game.
Wo rd and number puzzles are also a part of this genre, which can range from
traditional crosswords to versions of word-based board games where points are
awarded for making up words from a small selection of letters. Some maze
games also fall into this category where the movement through the maze
involves solving it like a puzzle - working out how to manipulate features of
the maze to clear the path or to build bridges to the next section, for example.
Writing opportunities in the puzzle genre are likely to be limited. In the
main, this is because the games require little in the way of written text or
dialogue, but it is also because many of these games are created by small teams
on low budgets that are unlikely to stretch to the services of a specialist writer.
The racing genre covers a wide variety of games - if the game is based on
two or more avatars racing along a course of some kind as its prime game-
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