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for example). Some games have an inventory system that allows you to
examine objects while they are in the inventory and sometimes to combine
them to make new objects or take them apart to use their components in a
new way. They do, however, usually have an increased amount of gameplay
involving the exploration of the environment and what the player finds there.
Quite regularly they also include some elements from the role playing genre,
such as character ability improvement or some element of trade.
Although the console adventure games often have a degree of action, an
action adventure in the normal sense is more like a traditional adventure with
elements of action placed into the mix.The action is likely to be of secondary
importance to the investigative gameplay and will certainly not be something
that happens continually.
Although many would probably feel that the survival horror game is a
separate genre, it has so many similarities to the action adventure that it is
probably best to include it here. For the most part, the survival horror story
is one which draws the player character into solving a mystery, with its
attendant puzzles and character interaction, while trying to survive the
attacks of zombies or other monsters.
For a writer, because adventures have a strong basis in story and character,
the genre has the potential to offer rich and involving work. If you are given
the opportunity to work with the development team from the beginning
you could have a considerable influence of the shape and direction of the
story and its characters. In the right circumstances, the chances of creating a
truly original story are excellent.
Children's games
Although regarded as a separate genre, games aimed specifically at children
are usually games that would fit the other genres which have been adapted
to appeal to the target audience, though with proper consideration in the
process. Although children's games may be similar to their 'adult' counter-
parts, the developer must take the age difference into account. Instructions
must be simplified and very clear, the interface may not be as complex and
the style of reward may need to differ to appeal to a young audience's
sensibilities. The survival horror game is not likely to make it through the
transition, for instance, but there is no reason not to have a fun but spooky
game where the player character is chased by wacky ghouls and ghosts.
Most children's games play to the expectations of the market and are often
created with much smaller budgets than their adult counterparts.This often
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