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item that is to be traded for the information and the two branches - truth and
lies - are brought back together once more. It may be that this scene could
take place at any time throughout the game and play out with a different
flavour depending on its position in the story, which would then maximise the
openness for the player and the feeling that what they do is having a serious
Alternatively, it may be that this scene is an important, pivotal moment, so
it is held back until a certain point in the game in order to pull together a
number of different branches. The player character and the detective could
trade a number of pieces of information, which then allows the player to
move into the final act of the game, in both story and gameplay terms.
What the above shows is that the potential variety for interactive story-
telling is enormous and is something that will be expanded upon later.
The vision
Game creation will only ever be successful when the development team are
working towards a shared vision. The writer must understand the vision as
much as any other team member and much more than some. Without an
understanding of the interactive nature of games it is impossible for the
writer to even come close to that.
The vision is not simply having a picture in your mind of what the final
game is aiming for. It is about understanding how the pieces fit together to
give the final game and an understanding of the implications of any changes
that are made through the development process.
It is not unreasonable for the writer to expect the section leaders to com-
municate fully with each other and with the design team and the writer at
all times, so everyone knows of any changes, development or progress as the
project moves along. Equally, the rest of the team should be aware of the
progress the writer is making and the development of the story. Communi-
cation is the key to sharing the same vision and ensuring that the develop-
ment of that vision is seen in the same light by all.
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