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One of the most important reasons why the game writer should play
games is to get an understanding of why games are - or should be - fun to
play. What is it that drives you to complete the mission? Why do you feel
great satisfaction at destroying all the ships on this level? Why does the
unfolding story feel so much better when the things you do in the game have
an effect on how the story moves forward?
Not all games will be enjoyable, of course. Sometimes this will be because
the game is weak, though it is often possible to learn as much from a poor
game as from a good game. However, it could be that you did not like a
particular game simply because you do not enjoy that genre.
Ve ry few people like all styles of games - everyone has different tastes. An
excellent sports game may not appeal to someone who enjoys strategy
games, but that same person may enjoy a sports management game. With
thousands of games released each year it would be impossible to even try to
play them all, therefore it makes more sense to identify your own tastes and
keep abreast of games that match those tastes.This may, in turn, lead to a kind
of specialisation in the games for which you want to write.
The games industry is vast and it is still increasing. The opportunities for
writers are increasing, too, but it can be a bewildering industry if you do not
know how the development process works.With that in mind, let's move on
and discover a little more detail about the writer's relationship to game
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