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known as a sequence. A sequence may also refer to a series of gameplay
Side quest : Although the completion of a side quest is not necessary for the
player to complete the game, doing so can add greatly to the overall
experience. Side quests help make the world seem a larger, more vibrant
place. Side quests may give the player valuable rewards, bonuses and even
additional weapons or playable characters.
Sprite : This is a 2D graphical element displayed on a game screen. In a 2D
game, sprites are used to represent everything from the characters moving
about to background objects to the items the player collects. Even in a 3D
game, sprites may be used to represent inventory items or part of the heads
up display.
Storyboard :A series of sketches or other visuals that help represent the flow
of the game, timing of animations, the cinematic visuals of a cut scene.
Subplot :A secondary plot which complements or conflicts with the main
plot to add richness or additional drama. Some subplots may be tied in
with side quests and be entirely optional.
Synopsis :This may be an outline of the game's story, but may also be an
outline of the whole of the game, particularly when it is part of a proposal.
Target audience :The section of the game playing population for which the
game will have the maximum appeal.
Testing : The thorough playing of the game over and over again to identify
any gameplay issues, technical problems, graphical glitches or writing
inconsistencies. Testing is often more formally referred to as quality
assurance these days.
Transition :The act of changing from one state to another, which triggers an
event.This may be tied into the story/plot, gameplay actions or real time
engine activity.
Translation script :A version of all of the dialogue and other in-game text
that requires translation into other languages.This may be formatted very
differently to the recording script and is often presented in a spreadsheet
or database file.
Treatment :A high-level document which outlines the intentions of the game
and what it will offer to the player in terms of originality and excitement.
There may be some overlap with a game proposal, but a treatment usually
does not go into so much detail and is used to gauge the interest of
publishers before committing to the more detailed document.
Unlockable content : This is hidden content (characters, objects or levels)
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