Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Export tool :The game's data may well be stored in a way that is not ideal for
other purposes, so an export tool takes the relevant data and presents it in
a more useful format. Game scripts can be very complex and would be
unreadable for actors trying to concentrate on their lines, so an export
tool would take out all of the detail the actors do not need to see and
presents the scripts in a readable manner.
Flag : Another term for boolean variable. Used in the sense of 'raising a flag'
to indicate that an event has happened.
FMV : This is short for full motion video and originates from a time when
games moved from floppy discs to CD format. FMV is a pre-rendered
sequence that spools off the disc or the hard drive (if installed there) and
essentially plays like a small film. FMV is generally being phased out, for
the sake of visual consistency, as game engines become more powerful.
Game design : The act of designing the gameplay of the game and anything
connected with it. Game design should be seen as separate from visual or
graphic design, but they may affect one another.The game design can also
be another term for the design document.
Game designer : The person who creates the game design for the game
project. For a large project, there may be a number of designers, possibly
consisting of lead and/or senior designers, junior designers, level designers.
If a game designer also writes dialogue and the game's story, they may be
classed as a writer-designer.
Gameplay : The interactive nature of the game and the obstacles the players
must overcome as they work towards the game's objectives.
Gameplay mechanics :How the gameplay works - the rules, the interface, the
scoring, etc.
Gameplay nodes : Places where the player must pass through for the game to
progress. The player may be forced to make choices that open up new
nodes or close down others, or it may be something simple like finding
the way to open the secret door. Whatever else might have happened
before passing through the node - shooting zombies or collecing gold
rings - it is the passing the obstacle of the gameplay node that enables the
player to move forward.
Game writer :A person who writes or contributes to the story, dialogue,
characters or back story for a game. A game writer may also act as a lead
writer where there is a team of writers on a project. May also act as script
editor to provide consistency over an extensive game.
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