Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Extraordinary traits and abilities:
What makes the character special?
Major deficiencies:
What are the character's flaws?
Favourite thing:
This could be anything from a small trinket given by a late mother, to an
expensive item for which they saved towards over many years. Thinking about
the character's favourite thing will really help define them in your mind.
What they like to do most:
Hobby, pastime, an aspect of their career?
Physical attributes (height, weight, build):
Describe them.
Unusual mannerisms:
Be wary of creating something just for the sake of it. Watch the manner-
ism doesn't come across as gimmicky.
Mode of speech - accent?
May depend on their background, race, education, etc.
What makes them laugh?
Do they laugh at kittens playing or at the misfortune of others, for instance?
What makes them cry?
Personal bereavements? The future of the planet? Poverty?
Mode of dress:
Are they particular about their appearance? Are they sloppy? Do they wear
a uniform as part of their job?
Their work:
How does the character make a living?
Mood swings:
What is it that makes them quick to anger or to descend into deep melan-
choly? What makes them instantly happy?
Gameplay abilities:
This is likely to be something filled in by the design department and should
include everything the character does in the game - shoot, run, throw
grenades, etc.
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