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Cut Scene
67. Scout steps back, momentarily surprised.
68. The voice warns of a deadly peril if he should venture further.
69. Scout asks what the peril is, but is given no other answer.
70. Treading carefully, Scout enters the huge gaping mouth...
Character profile template
The following is a character profile template that I have used on a few
projects to help clarify the characters, not only for my own benefit, but for
others on the team such as designers, animators and character modellers.The
character profile documents should be seen as living documents that are
updated as required.
The format, type of information and the amount you include will depend
on the game itself and on how important the character is in the game. A
simple background character may not need a profile at all, for instance.
Fill in the character's name.
What gender are they? Non-human characters may not conform to regu-
lar male/female gender roles. Some humans may not, come to that.
This may include fantasy races or alien species.
What type of character is this? What is the role of the character in the
gameplay and in the story? How does this character relate to other char-
acters? What are this character's key events?
What is the character's background and family history? Was there a happy
childhood, a history of abuse, extensive tragedy or hardship? What has
made the character the person they are? What was their education? What
has led them to the point at which the game starts?
Visual (concept art/reference):
Place here an image from the character concept art when the art depart-
ment has created it.
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