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53.2. A quick experiment will show that the pointer on one side moves
twice as far as the pointer on the other when the same weight is
placed upon it.
53.3. There is a red line that goes across the two pointer scales at the
same height and the two pointers must be made to exactly reach
this line in order that the door will open.
53.4. No matter how you try, you will find that you can't complete this
puzzle at the moment because two of the weights are missing.
54. Leave the puzzle alone and pick up the unlit torch on the far side of the
55. Go down to the valley and then take the exit to the Beach.
The Beach
56. The path is blocked by a huge ferocious-looking crab.
57. Try to pass the crab and he will lunge at you, forcing you back.
58. Talk to the crab and you'll find out he's called Crusty.
59. Examine the hole that lies just to one side of Crusty.
60. Talk to Crusty about the hole.
60.1. He'll tell you that it's his home.
60.2. Talking to him further reveals that he's nocturnal and he hides in
his home during the day to avoid the bright sunlight.
61. Plant the torch into the ground near Crusty.
62. Use the tinderbox on the torch.
62.1. It bursts into flame and causes Crusty to scurry to his hole.
62.2. You can now get to the beach proper.
63. Examine a nearby rock pool.
63.1. Collect four different-sized rocks from the rock pool - these go into
the inventory.
64. Return to Skull Rock 2.
Skull Rock 2
65. Interact with the scales.
65.1. With a little experimentation you find which of the four rocks are
substitutes for the missing weights.
65.2. By combining the weights in the right way, both pointers can be
made to exactly meet the red line and the entrance opens.
66. As the iron bars drop into the ground, the Skull Rock talks to Scout in a
deep voice.
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