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The Valley
43. Try giving the coconuts to Amber.
43.1. She will say that it's very kind, but Lincoln's the one who should be
getting them.
44. Return to Lincoln's Tree.
Lincoln's Tree
45. Give the coconuts to Lincoln.
45.1. If you've already talked about the vine he will give it to you in
45.2. Lincoln then jumps down out of the tree and rushes off.
45.3. If you didn't previously examine or try to get the vine, Lincoln leaves
it hanging on the tree.
46. Use the pole to reach the vine and free it from where it hangs.
46.1. The Vine goes into the inventory.
47. Return to the Valley.
The Valley
48. The monkeys have now disappeared.
49. Now use the pole to lever the rock on the rise.
49.1. It will roll down the incline and into the tree.
49.2. The tree is knocked over so it makes a bridge across the ravine.
50. Cross this bridge to the other side.
51. Climb up the steps to Skull Rock 2.
Skull Rock 2
52. Examine the entrance (the mouth of the skull).
52.1. Heavy iron bars block the entrance to Skull Rock.
52.2. There is no visible means of opening up the entrance directly.
53. To one side of the door is what appears to be a set of scales, though each
pan has its own pointer to mark off the weight.
53.1. A number of different weights lie on the ground and these can be
picked up and used on the pans.
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