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29. There is a split log lying on the ground.
29.1 Pick up the split log.
29.2 Place it on the half-buried rock beneath the trees to form a seesaw.
30. Pick up one of the heavy rocks lying around.
30.1. The rock can be placed on the end of the seesaw.
30.2. Another rock can be picked up and dropped onto the other end of
the seesaw.
30.2.1. This causes the first rock to fly into the air. Although it
comes close, it misses the coconuts.
30.2.2. This can be repeated any number of times with the same
31. Pick up a rock.
31.1. Put Blinky onto the see-saw.
31.2. Use the rock on the seesaw.
Cut scene
32. Scout drops the rock on the other end of the seesaw.
33. Blinky is flung into the air with great force.
34. He smashes into the tops of the trees, hitting the coconuts with great
force and the whole screen shakes.
35. Blinky asks Scout what he thinks he's doing.
36. Scout tells him to get him a coconut.
37. Blinky refuses.
38. Scout talks to Blinky.
38.1. Promises not to eat him.
38.2. Promises to take him off the island with him.
38.3. Blinky drops down two coconuts.
39. Pick up the coconuts - they go into the inventory.
39.1. This triggers an animation of more coconuts falling.
39.2. Coconuts rain down on top of Scout, hitting him on the head, fol-
lowed by Blinky.
40. Pick up Blinky again - he returns to the inventory.
41. There is an old skeleton in this location.
41.1. Search the remains of the skeleton and you will find an old tinder-
box, which goes into the inventory.
42. Leave this area and return to The Valley.
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