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16. Try using the pole on the tree.
16.1. You get a response about needing a much greater force than that
to push the tree over.
17. Try using the pole on the rock.
17.1. Amber will yell at you to stop.
18. Leave the Valley and return to the Lincoln's Tree location.
Lincoln's Tree
19. Talk to the first monkey, Lincoln, and ask him about his girlfriend and
why she's angry.
19.1. Lincoln says that Amber's furious because he won't collect the
coconuts for tonight's party. He doesn't see why it always has to be
him and not her.
19.2. Lincoln still won't give the vine to Scout.
20. Return to the Intro location.
21. Use the pole on the hollow log.
21.1. This causes a mouse to pop out of the hole in the top.
22. Talk to the mouse, who you will find is called Blinky.
23. Pick up the mouse and he goes into the inventory.
24. Return to the Valley.
The Valley
25. Go to the area behind where Amber is sitting where you will find that
there is dense vegetation barring the way into the trees.
26. Use the pole on the vegetation.
26.1 This breaks some of the branches and opens up the exit.
27. Go through the exit to the Coconut Trees.
Coconut Trees
28. Scout finds himself in a small area that has a few coconut trees at one
side. The coconuts are way too high to reach.
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