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Skull Rock 1
Once out of the trees Scout finds he ' s on the top of a low hill overlooking
a small valley. Across the other side of the valley is Skull Rock.
Scout takes in his surroundings.
Talk to the Skull. Though he's been there for a long time, he's not very
helpful. He's supposed to warn off intruders, but is more interested in
having a chat.
Will talk about the mouse.
Will give a false name.
Can be removed from his pole.
The Pole can be obtained, which goes into the inventory.
Take the exit on the far right and go to the Lincoln location.
Lincoln's Tree
10. In a tree near the top of the hill is a monkey (Lincoln). Talk to the monkey,
who is more smart-mouthed than is good for him.
10.1. His first response is along the lines of 'Oh my god, a talking cat!' It
goes downhill from there.
10.2. He's then a bit unresponsive, apart from giving sarcastic respons-
es to anything that Scout asks.
11. Beside the monkey hangs a vine.
11.1 Examine the vine or try to pick it up and you find that it's out of
12. Talk to the monkey about the vine and he refuses to give it to you.
13. With nothing else to do, take the exit to the Valley.
The Valley
14. Examine the dead tree next to the ravine.
15. Sitting on a rock on a small rise is another monkey (Amber) - she's look-
ing very upset. Talk to her.
15.1. You find out that she's had a falling out with her boyfriend, the first
15.2. You find out that the boyfriend's name is Lincoln and her name is
Amber. She won't elaborate any further.
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