Game Development Reference
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Design documentation
Design documentation can vary greatly from one development studio to
another, therefore, what is presented here should in no way be taken as a
standard format for the industry. The intention is to show the type of thing
a design document may cover and how it may be laid out. Searching the
internet will likely give you further design documents to read and compare.
Design document
The following is a document which outlines the design of the first section of
my forthcoming game. You should note that the logic outline presented
within is simply the optimal route.The player may choose to try things in a
very different order and the gameplay and dialogue will reflect this as the
game is implemented.
Juniper Crescent - The Sapphire Claw
Section Design Document
Section One - The Serpent's Eyes, Part One
•Scout (player character)
Lincoln (male monkey)
Amber (female monkey)
Crusty (crab)
Blinky (mouse)
Nigel (skull)
Skull Rock
General location notes
This section highlights aspects of locations that are important for implemen-
tation and art design.The information contained in here is necessarily brief;
concept sketches of the locations and relevant maps will be included later.
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