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agreement must be something that both parties are happy with or it is
unlikely to be a workable arrangement. Do not just sign a contract to get the
work and then realise that you cannot fit the work into the timeframe
stipulated. If you are unable to deliver the work as agreed you will be in
breach of the contract, which could cost you both money and reputation.
Receiving credit
Credits are important to the freelance creator as it proves to potential clients
that you have experience.You should ensure that the contract you sign has a
clause which stipulates the credit you will receive in the credits list for the
game. Sometimes, simply being credited as 'writer' can be a little vague where
game development is concerned, so having a credit along the lines of 'story
and dialogue' may be better. Obviously this will be adjusted to suit your own
Many games have a huge list of credits in which various aspects of develop-
ment are broken down in detail. This means that 'Story', 'Dialogue' and
'Script Editor' may all be listed separately and if so you should ensure that
you are listed in each category to which you contributed.
Of course, you may not be able to get exactly the credit listing you'd like,
but you should at least have a credit that lists you as a writer.
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