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The IGDA local chapters are often useful in bringing you into contact
with a wider range of development people, some of whom may be looking
for a writer for their projects.The trick, of course, when meeting such people
is not to be too eager. Certainly you should ensure that they know you are
a writer and available for work, but like any networking you should approach
it carefully so that you do not alienate potential clients.
The script agency
Script agencies could be an excellent way for the game writer to find clients.
However, only a few agencies currently exist, so until there are more it is
difficult for the writer to get onto their topics. If you are fortunate enough
sign up with an agency, having someone else chase up work on your behalf
and manage the contract negotiations is a real blessing. Do not sign an
exclusive deal with the agency, though, as you may find yourself losing out
on work that comes directly to you. Unless the agency can guarantee
continuous work, expecting you to sign an exclusive deal is unfair on you.
This last point also means that you must continue to look for work
yourself at the same time that the agency is doing so, but having two
approaches dedicated to the task increases your chances of finding the work.
Legal documents
Something you should always be aware of when discussing projects with a
development studio is the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Although the main intention of the NDA is to protect the ideas of the
developer, it should also act as protection of your ideas, too, if they are not
yet in the public domain. NDAs are a normal part of creative development
in general and not simply limited to games, so the likelihood is that you may
have already seen and been asked to sign one in the course of your career.
NDAs, like any legal document, should be taken very seriously.When you
start working on an exciting new project, there is an incredible temptation
to talk about it with others - friends and colleagues, for instance - but to do
so will put you in breach of the NDA. If information about the project's
details were to appear in the public domain from such discussion you could
be sued for a six or seven figure sum. In a business where original ideas can
give a developer a real edge, those ideas must be protected if they are to
survive in a harsh business environment.
Contracts for the work are always a potential minefield, but the key is to
be wary of anything that puts unrealistic expectations on your time.A contract
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