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Chasing the work
If this topic has succeeded in its intention, you should now be in the position
of understanding how a skilful writer fits within the game development
process.When you combine this knowledge with your skills as a writer you
should be in a strong position to begin the process of looking for writing
work in game development.
Because writing for video games is still in its infancy, it can be difficult to
find developers who fully understand the value of an experienced writer and
what that person can add to their project.Admittedly, the situation is improving
- the field of interactive writing is progressing all the time with standards
rising and the end quality improving, but we are a long way from the position
where the use of a dedicated writer is a standard part of game development.
Identifying the client
Not only will you have to find developers with new projects starting up, you
will have to be sure that those projects are ones that require the skills of a
writer. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Zoo Keeper have little text or dia-
logue requirements, so be sure that you have done your research properly and
that the studios you approach create games with writing needs.You may well
need to think ahead - a company that has a project nearing completion is
probably already in the planning stages of the next. By keeping abreast of the
latest game development news and release schedules you will be able to
identify companies that you can target. One excellent way is to subscribe to
Games Press ( or by regularly visiting gaming sites like
Eurogamer ( , Gamespot (
index.html) , Games Industry ( ), Women
Gamers ( , Gamasutra ( , and a
whole host of other sites. The two magazines in the UK, Develop
( and MCV (
php?id=11523) are also excellent.
Once you have found such potential opportunities, there will be occasions
where you will not only have to sell your own skills and experience, but also
convince the people involved that their project will benefit greatly from what
you can bring to it. Many developers see writing as a much less important
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