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of level editors and scripting engines. Where the development of such tools
is vital to the project, it must also be covered by the budget and so becomes
part of the TDR.
Internally, the advantage of a clearly-written TDR is that the project
manager is able to read and grasp it so that they can create a comprehensive
schedule, in conjunction with the technical lead. Because a schedule is often
an important part of the game's proposal and will form the basis for
milestones and the payments that are made upon each one's completion,
having a complete specification of the work involved will give the publisher
the confidence that the studio can develop an exciting game and do it on
time and within budget.
The technical summary
While the TDR is vitally important, some of the people involved in the
decision-making process, within the publisher's organisation, are not likely to
be so technically minded. Even if they are, they could simply wish for a
summary document that enables them to understand quickly the technology
the studio is proposing to develop and use.
The technical summary should be less concerned with how everything is
going to be done - which is the purpose of the TDR - and more with why
the work is necessary to give the game an innovative look and feel or how it
will make the gameplay more immersive and addictive. Of course, some
explanation is necessary on each point, but should be limited to a paragraph
at most and take a very high level stance, being explained in broad terms
without going into fine technical detail.
The technical summary should be written in a dynamic manner that
encourages the reader to become excited about the technical proposals. It
should give the impression that the development studio has complete
confidence in their abilities and in how the proposed technology will make
the game an exciting one to play and a very marketable product.
It is important that the publisher feels that their investment is going to be
worthwhile.With a lot of money at stake - millions of pounds in many cases
- publishers have to be confident that they will sell enough copies to cover
their investment and give them profit on top of that.
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