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stands that each line must be recorded without overlap because after recording
is complete, each one is saved as an individual sample. Sometimes, when an
ensemble cast are moving along rapidly with a scene, they can forget this and
the engineer will usually catch instances where overlap occurs. If you feel
that the engineer has missed an overlap, ask if you heard it correctly. The
engineer can usually replay the lines involved very quickly and the
interruption is usually minimal, but it is always better to be sure than to risk
the lines being a problem at the sampling stage.
Double checking
Recording the voices is an important part of the game's development and
you will probably only have one shot to get it right.The expense of pulling
people back in for re-takes is not something the developer would like to have
to pay for. Preparation is an important part of this, but you should also double
check everything during your time in the studio.
Before you let each actor finish, quickly go through their scripts to be sure
that you got all their lines. Check that the engineer has no problems and that
the director is happy to let the actor go. Occasionally the director may want
to re-take certain scenes later in a session if there is time. If this happens,
remind them of this and ask if they still want to do it.
When you have double checked a session and everything is in order, put
those session scripts into a 'completed scripts' folder on one side.This means
they are available for reference, but reduces the clutter as you work through
the recording.
After the recording
Once the recording is completed the engineer will cut up the samples and
deliver them to the developer. It may be that your involvement is now over,
though it could be that you are asked to review the samples before they are
placed into the game.
The samples should all have been checked for consistency of sound level
and adjusted where necessary, but sometimes this is missed and you need to
check.There are occasions where multiple takes have been given because the
engineer was unsure which to go for. This is where the notes taken during
recording will be invaluable and help you decide which of the takes to use.
Once the samples are checked, the development team will place them into
the game and you will at last get to hear them in a proper context. At last
you can enjoy the fruits of your labour as the game truly comes to life.
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