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18. Drag the lower-right corner of the control to the lower-right corner of the
form, using nearly all of the available space.
19. Set the ReadOnly property to True. This keeps the user from editing the text
in the control.
20. Set the ScrollBars property to Vertical. Our monster will do a lot of thinking,
and we want to see it all.
21. Finally, drag a Button control to the bottom-left corner of the form.
22. Change the Text property to Think and the Name property to ThinkButton.
This completes the visible portion of the user interface. Your project should
look like Figure 3.4.
Our next task is to provide some code that interprets the meaning of the user
interface. Our FSM could look at the controls on the form directly, but we will
create a simpler, better-defined interface between the AI and the monster.
Why add this apparent complexity? It will turn out that adding this tiny bit of
complexity will make the AI code simpler and easier to maintain. One of the
Figure 3.4
Monster user interface.
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