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Chapter Review
Answers are in the appendix.
1. What are the common drawbacks to hard-coded AI?
2. What are the advantages to hard-coded AI?
3. Complexity can be as low as the sum of the parts and as high as the product
of the parts. What is the relationship between the parts when complexity is
the sum? What is it when complexity is the product?
4. What is the design of the data called when the data is information the AI uses
to help it think about (or even imagine about) the world?
5. Critique the expediencies in the code that interrogates the world in the
four-set-point thermostat. Comment on the dangers versus the additional
complexity needed to mitigate the risks.
6. Why is the side effect in the code that gets the set-point temperature in the
four-set-point thermostat important?
1. Add an explicit Off mode to the thermostat. You will need a additional radio
button on the form, an Off entry in the Enum , and an entry in each of the two
arrays that are used to turn a checked radio button into a mode value, and
you will need to deal with the new mode in the core AI.
2. Implement as many of the features of the last thermostat described as you
can. If the specifications seem incomplete, search the Internet or document
your reasonable assumptions.
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