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3. VB will bring up a window with a column of tabs such as Application and
Compile on the left side of the window. Click the Compile tab if it is not
already selected.
4. One of the Compile options is Option Strict. Click the drop-down and set it
to On.
5. Right-click Form1.vb in the Solution Explorer and rename it House.vb.
6. Click the form in the designer and change the Text property from Form1 to
House Simulator, as shown in Figure 2.1.
Next, we will place the controls that make up the house simulation. This will
correspond to the ''game'' in which our AI will operate. As the projects get more
complex, we will rely more on the code on the CD, but doing them step-by-step
here ensures familiarity with Windows applications written in VB.
We need a reasonably rich world for our AI to operate. The split between what is
part of the AI and what is part of the rest of the game is a game-design issue. We
will consider all decision making as part of the AI, but will minimize the amount
Figure 2.1
The Thermostat project, before the placement of controls.
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