Game Development Reference
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Review Questions
Most of the review questions have straightforward answers. Others call for
opinions, and opinions may vary. The answers given here are one set of opinions.
Chapter 1: What Is Game AI?
1. What are the three parts to our definition of game AI? The AI has to be able
to act, it has to be intelligent, and it has to deal with changing conditions.
2. Why is game physics not game AI? All choices are forced in physics, so there
is no room for intelligence.
Chapter 2: Simple Hard-Coded AI
1. What are the common drawbacks to hard-coded AI? Hard-coded AI lacks a
formal methodology for determining which behavior to employ. Without
formal organization, hard-coded AI tends to grow quickly in size and
complexity. It can be very difficult to change or maintain.
2. What are the advantages to hard-coded AI? Hard-coded AI is intuitive and
can be fast to write and fast to execute.
3. Complexity can be as low as the sum of the parts and as high as the product
of the parts. What is the relationship between the parts when complexity is
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