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1. Search for A* on the Internet. Write an A* implementation that directs the
fox in Fox and Hounds when there is an opening.
2. Change the graph in Figure 10.2 so that the catapult service is between node
A and node W at cost 0.5. Reduce the cost of road travel to or from node X
back to 4. A path from node C to node W through A now has an actual cost
of 12.5, while a path through node Z has cost 16. Prove to yourself that
regardless of whether the algorithm reexamines nodes on the closed list, the
inadmissible heuristic will cause the algorithm to return the longer path.
3. Search for neural network implementations on the Internet. Write one in
VB for our monster. When training the network, leave out training data
with hit-point values between the always fight and always flee levels. Watch
the network outputs in the transition area.
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