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'Test the interaction code.
Call OneRound()
End Sub
Private Sub Button100Times_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button100Times.Click
'Enough interactions to get trends.
Dim i As Integer
Call Debug.WriteLine("Round " & i.ToString)
Call OneRound()
Call Debug.WriteLine("")
End Sub
Run the project in the debugger. Click the Dump button and then click the
1 Time button and look at the debug output. Following is an example line of
interaction output. Your numbers will vary.
Taylor[ -15 -23 8 ] tries drama(2, -2) with Lincoln[ -3 -19 -8 ] result (-1, -5)
Needs are in square brackets after each name. Here we see that Taylor and
Lincoln have culture needs of 23 and 19, respectively. Recall that needs are
listed as exercise, culture, and then dining. Their preferences are in parentheses
between them. Taylor strongly likes drama ( þ 2), and Lincoln strongly dislikes
( 2) it. In terms of their relationship, the ''we think alike'' term comes out to 4
and the bonus ''we needed that'' term gives þ 1. That gives 3, to which we add
each individual ''I like it'' value to get the final change in relationship. Taylor
adds þ 2 to get a total of 1. Lincoln adds 2 to get a total of 5, which is listed
in that order as the result at the end.
Check your output to see that the highest-need person was picked first. Work
through the computations to make sure that the relationship's changes are
correct. Click the Dump button and look to make sure that each person has the
correct relationship value as given by the single interaction. If all is correct, click
the 100 Times button and then dump again. Look at the output and compare the
relationships scores of different pairs of people who have similar compatibility
scores. Note also that positive relationships are more common. What are these
numbers telling us?
As we alluded to before, compatibility is not a strong predictor until the value
gets away from 0. The simulation has other factors that can dominate the
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