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other a need of รพ 100. The difference in drive between a hungry Sim ( 10) and a
starving Sim ( 100) is far more than a linear difference. The same idea could be
applied to how anger affects good judgment; a small amount of anger creates a
small impairment in inhibition, but serious anger drives the AI into actions that
provide immediate satisfaction, regardless of their long-term cost. There is a wide
array of non-linear curves suitable for modeling emotions. The behavioral
mathematics of game AI is the subject of an entire book [Mark09]. Beginning AI
programmers should know that simple linear equations will not be enough.
Evaluation and selection functions are prime candidates for implementing these
emotional effects.
Concentrating on evoking an emotional response from the player instead of on
displaying the emotional states of AI agents gives game designers considerable
latitude if they wish to exploit it. A holistic approach leaves no stone unturned in
the quest to pack impact into the game. For many of the avenues, the costs are
reasonable and the technical risks quite low. When games also demand good
modeling of emotional states, they can pick a level of sophistication appropriate
to their needs. The net effect of actively managing emotional content is a game to
which players will have much stronger reactions than any otherwise equivalent
The fact that emotional content under the control of some form of AI can be
packed into nearly all aspects of a game means that doing so will have a schedule
impact across the board. A number of low-cost items may not sum to an
acceptable overall cost. Paying that cost is a gamble. Not all players will react in
the same way to the emotional content of a game. Players who are sensitive and
observant will have markedly different reactions from players who are not. There
are players who are clueless about clothing, lighting, or even the impact of a dirty
environment compared to a clean one. It is a well-understood concept in game
AI circles that the AI can be too subtle to be appreciated.
Evoking emotions on the cheap does not free many games from the need to
directly model emotions and display them graphically through facial expression
and body stance. Games that put emotional content front and center this way
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