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22. Change the Name property of this new label to HitPointsLabel. (You cannot
have any spaces in a control name, so mixed case is used. We want this label
to stand out.)
23. Type over the BackColor property to change it to White.
24. Use the drop-down list to change the BorderStyle property to FixedSingle.
This finishes the user interface part of the project. Your application should
resemble Figure 1.5.
Note that we did not change the name of Label1 or any of the other labels, but we
did change the name of this last label. We did so because code that we will write
later will need to refer to the label, so it needs a clear name. Label1 will never be
referenced by code we will write, so since life is short, we did not bother to
rename it. We added the word Label at the end of the name so that the name will
tell us what kind of control this particular one is. Complex projects employ many
controls. Often, they will have similar names; by adding the control type on the
end of the name, we can distinguish them easily.
Figure 1.5
The project, with a completed user interface.
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