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Chapter Summary
A book of moves can make all the difference in a game AI. It can improve the
speed or quality of play that the more general methods provide. A book is very
good at providing the player with expected actions from the AI. When backed up
by a good general AI, it need not have the perfect move for every occasion. It
makes demands on the programmer, especially when used in games with com-
pletely new gameplay.
Chapter Review
Answers are in the appendix.
1. Describe how moves in a book of moves and heuristics are similar and how
they are different.
2. How is a book of moves similar to a rule-based AI? How would you decide
which label to use on a particular system?
1. Make a list of moves for your favorite sport. In addition to the moves,
categorize the situations where each move is a great response, a mediocre
response, and a bad response.
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