Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1.3
The project, after renaming and property changes.
is in the Appearance category near the top. If you alphabetize the proper-
ties instead of grouping them by category, it will be near the bottom.
4. Scroll down to the Design category and change the Name property to
GameForm. This name is used in code and should be selected for enhanced
5. Change the name of the form in the Solution Explorer from Form1.vb to
GameForm.vb. Do this by clicking the letters of the name and then typing
the new name or by right-clicking and selecting Rename from the context
menu that appears and then typing the new name. If you click the form in
the editing pane, your project should resemble Figure 1.3.
Our next task is to place controls on the form and operate them.
1. Click the Toolbox to slide it open. If your monitor has enough room, pin it
open. The Toolbox has many categories of controls. The controls we will use
are in the Common Controls category. Click the minus signs by the names
of all of the other categories to close them, simplifying what you see. In
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