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Figure 1.2
Visual Studio, showing a new project.
If you happen to have version control software such as Visual Source Safe, Subversion, or Git, it is
always a good idea to use it. Version control enables you to go back to any of the ideas you have
tried out without losing any work. In general, programmer time is more expensive than disk space,
so professionals keep everything they produce under version control. Another good argument for
version control is the fact that predicting the best idea out of many cannot be done without trying
all of them out.
The large area contains a window marked Form1. This is the editing pane. To the
right is the Solution Explorer, showing all the files in the project. (A solution in
Visual Basic can have more than one project, but we will not use this capability.)
Below the Solution Explorer is the Properties window.
The Properties window lists the properties of whatever object was most recently
in focus. Buttons near the top of the Properties window control what you see and
how it is organized. Starting from the left, the first two buttons control how the
window is organized. Click the first button (marked with two plus signs) to
organize the properties by category; click the second button (marked with an A
and Z and an arrow) to arrange the properties alphabetically.
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