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code. Separating the AI from the rest of the code will make interfaces between the
two explicit. One of the more important jobs of a game AI programmer is to
make sure that the rest of the game will provide the AI with the information it
needs to work effectively. In addition, the game AI programmer must insist that
the rest of the game provide ways for the AI to manipulate the world and the
interactive experience.
The Hit Point Calculator Project
Our first project will be a hit point calculator. The user will input a character class
and level, and the software will compute the maximum number of hit points for
the character. The values match those used in numerous familiar fantasy role-
playing games.
This project will familiarize you with creating a project, adding forms to it,
adding controls to the forms, and writing code to handle events. Start by
launching Visual Studio. From the File menu, select New Project. Visual Basic
will show a dialog box similar to the one in Figure 1.1.
On the left side of Figure 1.1, Windows Forms Application is selected. Instead of
using the default name, WindowsApplication1, change the name of this appli-
cation to HitPoints and click OK. Your screen should resemble the one shown in
Figure 1.2.
Figure 1.1
This New Project dialog box is for creating a new project.
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