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It is no surprise that Eddy works steadily at Day Job until he has saved up enough
money to give Financier a try. The first few days of his new job are critical; Eddy
changes jobs with only a minimal cushion against losses. Very often, he winds up
back at his Day Job, possibly many times, before he takes off. It would be easy to
make an interesting story of Eddy, the steady guy with a fatal flaw of reaching too
Barry, less shy of losses and enamored of higher pay, follows a similar path to
Larry, only faster. His Stunt Show days take him to Financier faster, but with an
equally small cushion. His setbacks are shorter, and over many runs he appears to
do better than Eddy. He tells a similar story.
Gary is pathetic. He gambles his money away until his habit forces him out on the
street. There, he scrapes enough money to keep feeding his gambling habit until
he is back on the street again. Once in a great while, he wins and retires to Lotto
heaven, where the cheap cost of tickets means his winnings last him to the end.
Mike is just as pathetic. Living on the street, he saves money slowly. Alas, when he
has saved a small amount, his expenses rise beyond what a street beggar can
afford. Let's face it: Even misers are averse to being hungry and cold. Our miser is
not immune to spending beyond his means when he has some money saved up.
Larry just might be the most interesting character of the whole lot. He slaves away,
pouring his money into his band to no avail. The costs get to him, and he can no
longer keep up the lifestyle. Dejected, he spends his last few days of cash in vain on
lottery tickets. This is an unexpected emergent behavior. This puts him back to
playing on the street, where he saves enough to play again for a while. The cycle
repeats until he hits the big-time payoff. Faced with a wad of cash, he changes
careers. Unlike Eddy or Barry, Larry has enough cash to survive some initial losses
as at Financier. In fact, Larry has the potential to have the highest earnings of all. No
one else can get to Financier as fast as he can, and no one else does so with as big a
financial cushion. Sometimes, even Larry can get wiped out in the market and go
back to playing in the band. A few times, he hits it big a second time.
Carl usually spends his time failing at crime and winding up bankrupt on the
street until he can scrape up enough money to try crime again. Oddly enough,
sometimes he hits three successful jobs in a row. When this happens, he gives up
his life of crime and takes up high-stakes finance. That often succeeds, but if it
doesn't, he can always fall back on his evil ways.
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