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Carl is designed for a life of crime. He wants the easy big score. He does not care
about potential losses or costs. His equation is as follows:
F ðÞ ¼ P G
Larry wants the long shot. He shoots for the big time and accepts the hardships
along the way, but he has his standards about what he will and will not do. At first
blush, it appears that Larry is taking the most balanced approach of all. It is
interesting that he spends as much time as he can in the Rock Band occupation.
This is Larry's equation:
F ðÞ ¼ P G ð 1 P Þ L
Barry is bolder than Eddy, but he wants surer things than what Larry will attempt.
He has the same P P terms that Eddy has to prefer reliable gains. The hard
knocks of the Stunt Show occupation do not deter him from the higher pay. Note
the (1 P) (1 P) terms that Barry uses to deemphasize potential losses; Barry
thinks losses are less likely to happen to him than other people. As you might
expect, his equation is very close to Eddy's:
F ðÞ ¼ P P G ð 1 P Þð 1 P Þ L
The complexity level of this project appears to be stunningly low. An occupation
has four numerical data items. Changing the values of one occupation does not
affect the values of another. Adding an occupation takes exactly one short line of
code. The simulated people use just one equation of those four variables,
although the simulation considers cash on hand as well. Each simulated person is
completely independent of any of the others. Adding or removing a person does
not change the behavior of any of the others. It appears that there are almost no
interactions, making the complexity growth with new additions as small as
theoretically possible!
The real complexity is in the selection of those numbers and equations as a
system . This system must be tuned to give pleasing results. Every added occu-
pation could unbalance the system. You may have noticed that the simulation
requires that a simulated person have twice the cost of an occupation in cash
before it lets him or her select that occupation. Why twice instead of once? In
testing, the Financier occupation kept wiping out people who tried it without
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