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expensive as Stunt Show at 0.05 day's wages in direct costs. Alas, as in real
life, bands that fail cannot be fined merely for being bad. No matter how
much we would like it to be otherwise, there is no additional loss for failure.
n Financier. The Financier occupation really pays, averaging 70 days'
wages, net, per day over the long run. It is not smooth sailing, however.
Any given day has only a 66 percent chance of success, and every day has the
fixed cost of 100 days' wages. Successful days pay 220 days' wages, and
failing days cost 100 days' wages in additional losses. A bad run of luck
can be catastrophic in the short term. This attempts to model an options
trader, who can lose far more than the base price of a stock. It also attempts
to model the enormous profits and unlimited liability befalling a ''Name''
backing Lloyd's of London throughout most of Lloyd's history, many of
whom went bankrupt in the 1990s [Wikipedia09].
The Simulated People
The simulated people differ in exactly one regard: their method for prioritizing
the occupations. In the simulation, each person provides a single equation
involving the four variables that pertain to each occupation. While each person is
defined in terms of a function F() of our four variables, F(P, C, G, L), we will also
attempt to describe their expected behaviors in more human terms. Eddy, or
''Steady Eddy,'' strongly prefers a sure thing. He modulates his choices against
loss but is willing to take some risks if the adjusted rewards are still high. Note the
P P terms in his equations to strongly prefer reliable gains. He ignores costs, but
that does not prove to be a defect in the current implementation. As you might
expect, Eddy gravitates toward the Day Job. Eddy uses the following equation to
evaluate occupations:
F ðÞ ¼ P P G ð 1 P Þ L
Gary is a gambler. All he is after is the payoff, no matter how remote. Gary is a
Lotto addict. His equation is quite simple:
F ðÞ ¼ G
Mike is a miser. The only thing he cares about is avoiding costs. He thinks the
best way to hoard money is to live on the street. His equation is also quite simple:
F ðÞ¼ C
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