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'Compute and collect those blanks
Dim Sq As Square
'Go through my blanks looking in theirs
For Each Sq In BlankSquares
'Need the key to search
Dim sqKey As String = theField.KeyFromRC(Sq.R, Sq.C)
If TheirBlankSquares.Contains(sqKey) Then
'It's mine and it's theirs
commonBlankCount += 1
'It's mine alone and a possible move
PrivateBlanks.Add(Sq, sqKey)
End If
'Do we have anything to say?
If commonBlankCount = 0 Then Continue For
'Do I have possible moves?
If PrivateBlanks.Count = 0 Then Continue For
'So what do those common blanks tell us?
'We can compute how many private blanks they have
Dim theirPrivateBlankCount As Integer = theirBlanks - _
'From that we can take a crack at their view of the smallest possible
'number of mines in the common blanks
Dim minCommonMines As Integer = theySee - theirPrivateBlankCount - _
'But it can't be negative
If minCommonMines < 0 Then minCommonMines = 0
'We can run similar numbers for clear squares
Dim minCommonClear As Integer = theirBlanks - _
(theySee - theirFlags) - theirPrivateBlankCount
'That can't be negative either
If minCommonClear < 0 Then minCommonClear = 0
'If those are both zero, they are no help to us
If minCommonClear = 0 And minCommonMines = 0 Then Continue For
'This is a good point for error checks
'We have useful information - is it useful enough?
'Do the mines help us?
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