Game Development Reference
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'I am a safe square
If Me.Text <> "" Then
'If they marked it, they were wrong
Me.Text = ShowBrokenFlag
End If
End If
End If
End Sub
At this point, the code should be playable—aside from the fact that it does not
allow the user to mark mines. Run the game in the debugger and see if it plays.
Intense concentration and some luck may be required to play for very long.
Check that the number of moves decrements and that making mistakes in play
not only is fatal, but stops the game. Your game might resemble Figure 4.5 after
you make a mistake in play.
There were still deterministic moves available in the game shown in Figure 4.5
when the mistake was made. An AI player would not have missed the moves or
Figure 4.5
After 343 moves and only 38 safe moves to go, one mistake ends the game.
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