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Figure 3.13 Fixing on the finger or fixing on the tree
Figure 3.14 Perception of the difference in depth between fixation point F and point A on the basis of
disparity: for fixation point F that requires a convergence angle α , disparity d at point
A subtending an angle β is defined by: d
α , which corresponds to angle DF d A d
when A and F are perpendicular to the straight line connecting D & G . In geometrical
terms, the disparities are different enough only if the objects observed are close to the
eyes. The binocular perception of depth is thus effective only at small distances (a few
β Binocular vision and diplopia
For a given fixation point, all points in the space projecting in the corresponding
retinal positions form a horopter (in the previous figure, points B are perceived at the
same depth as fixation point F ). The theoretical horopter is called the Vieth-Muller
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